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CTK Kids - Toddlers
Children 2 - 5 years of age
CTK Kids
Youth on the Rock - Preteens
Kids 6 - 8 years of age
9 - 12 years of age
CTK Family Night Wednesday
Wednesday nights at Christ the King Community Church offers a unique and special type of midweek service. We will have something for every age group. Every service will begin in the sanctuary, where we will start with worship. Then we will dismiss to small groups for all ages - Kids, Pre-teens, Teens, Young Adults, and Adults. Service begins at 7 pm. Come be part of something new, something special, something great! You will grow in the Lord.
Small Groups consist of these
Youth on the Rock - Teens
13 - 18 years of age
CTK Young Adults
18 - 40 ish years of age
CTK  Adults
40 ish on up